What I’ve learned:

  1. Courage is everything. The only bad is cowardice.
  2. The gods often meddle in human affairs. Thus as a human, we are not 100% control of our fate.
  3. Even the gods can bleed (ichor) and feel pain.
  4. Athene whoops the ass of Ares in battle. +1 for Feminism.
  5. In a pre-monetary society, the best measure of wealth was talents of gold (one talent is roughly 70 pounds, or worth roughly 1.3 million dollars in today’s age). Also heads of cattle. Lesson: eat more meat and beef.
  6. What is the worth of a human life? Everything. Even if you had all the gold in the world, or if every grain of sand were gold, it would not be worth one human life.


red hand ERIC KIM

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