Why Are We So Anti Elitism?

Growing up I always hated “elitism”; rich and high class people who looked down on you because of your class, race, background, ethnicity, etc. But the question:

Why did I hate it so much, and what is the significance of this hate and my personal thoughts on elitism?

I knew what it felt like growing up poor

First thing: growing up poor. When you grow up poor you typically disdain the rich. Why? Because I hated how a lot of rich kids would complain about petty problems, without knowing “real” struggles. But why did this bother me? Because it was annoying! And why did it annoy me? Perhaps because I saw the rich kids as inferior to me; soft and spoiled, and I disdained their weakness and inferiority to me (even though I was more poor than them).

First interesting thought:

It is possible to be poorer than others, but to still see yourself as more elite and above them.

Why I consider myself elite and privileged

Funny thing:

I often see more rich and high class people as below me.

Why? I see them as slaves.

Do we hate people because we see them as superior to us, or inferior to us?

My thought:

We don’t despise those who we consider inferior to us. Perhaps we despise those who we consider superior to us.

Nice quote from Nietzsche:

“I hate him because I am no match for him!” Has anyone ever said this?

My version:

I hate him because he is superior to me!


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