How to Become Yourself

The goal:

Not to become nobody else but yourself.

Why become anyone else but yourself?

First question:

Why desire to become someone else?

Only you is you. There is only you. Why look up to the ideals of others and desire to become someone else?

Is it even possible to become someone else, even if you tried with 100% of your might, skill, and ingenuity?

No matter what, could you ever transplant your soul and DNA into another body? No!

The fallacy of ‘self improvement’

Self improvement implies that you’re somehow inferior and broken … and you need to be ‘improved’.

But, what does it mean to “improve” yourself, or to improve a human being?

A flesh-forward approach

This is my first uber simple approach:

Prioritize yourself, your body and your flesh above metal, and in-organic things.

First of all, I don’t believe you need to ‘improve’ yourself in terms of your productivity, moral or ethical considerations. Best to first improve your body; which means:

  1. Sleep more
  2. Eat more meat
  3. Lift heavier weights
  4. More intermittent fasting
  5. Lower body fat percentage
  6. Increase muscle mass
Achilles ERIC KIM abstract

What do you really own of yourself?

You own your body, your mind, and your name. Besides this, you don’t really ‘own’ anything.

ERIC KIM muscle flex

You own your flesh. You own your body. You can control how you think. To an extent, you can control your environment.

What else can you control?

  1. You can control what to eat and what NOT to eat.
  2. You can control what type of media you consume and what media you DON’T consume (for example, I don’t follow the news)
  3. I prioritize myself, my mind and my body over everything else. Once I prioritize myself as #1, then I can truly help others.
  4. I can control my self vanity and self respect. I can esteem myself. I can set my own self estimate of myself quite high. I can admire myself.
  5. I can privilege myself over others.

What are your personal aspirations in life?


What are my personal ambitions in life? To become hyper-human; to become an uber-mench.


The only person who can stop me is me!

Abstract porn

The first step to unchain yourself from slave morality and thinking:

Assert yourself as the master.

Asserting yourself as the master of your own fate. Also, knowing that all the goods and the ills which befall upon yourself are self inflicted. This means, you have 100% control over your fate, attitude; good or bad.


  1. Admire nobody else but yourself
  2. Beautify your body
  3. Recognize you don’t gotta quote nobody else; just quote yourself.



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