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How to Fast

I am convinced: the secret to life, life extension, getting buff/swole (and losing body fat) is through fasting.



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The gist

Very simple. Let us follow the Muslims. Don’t eat during the day (when there is still sun outside). Wait until the sun sets, then break your fast. And I have proven (more or less) this is sustainable (for at least 3+ years). I started doing this in Hanoi, and have continued until now. I am actually currently at my apex body right now (at age 32).

2017 in Hanoi: Around 155 pounds, lower body fat percentage.
2017 in Hanoi: Around 155 pounds, lower body fat percentage. Age 29.
2020. Around 175 pounds (or maybe 180?) with slightly higher body fat percentage, but considerably more muscle mass (age 32)

How I fast

The secret:

The night before you sleep, eat a shitload of fatty meat (pork, beef or chicken), and drink a lot of broth (fatty broth; you can do this easily in a crockpot), and go HAM (hard as a motherfucker) when you break your fast.

When you break your fast, just eat until you’re full. No need to ‘over-eat’ like bodybuilders typically do. And when you break your fast, ideal is fatty meats, biter herbs and greens (kale, collard greens), some sort of soup, and if you’re still hungry at the end, top it off with some almonds.

  • meat delicious meat
  • meat fogo de chau
  • Another beautiful cut of meat. I think this is bottom sirloin steak.
  • Indian buffet. Lots of delicious lamb mutton and chicken.
  • My meat pantry and freezer
  • Medium-rare piranha, my favorite cut of meat (Fogo de Chau)

Maximal physical vigor and energy

My goal:


This means hyper vigor during the day. No exhaustion during the day. And when it comes time to sleep; deep sleep.

What to do during the day?

  1. Walk a lot
  2. Get some sun
  3. Drink black coffee or green tea
  4. Drink (more) water
  5. Workout (at the gym or at home)
  6. Listen to music
  7. Take a nap (if tired)

Super simple!


Physiology 101

My Muscle Philosophy:

Treat your body as sculpture.

This is not my body

The first thing:

I don’t see my body as belonging to me. I look at my body like it belongs to someone else.

When I look at the Lamborghini of someone else, I admire it. When I see the muscles and physiques of anyone else, I admire it. Then I had the epiphany:

Why not transform my own body into a Lambo, and admire my own body instead?

The logic

The great logic:

  1. It is far cheaper to get buff than to buy a Lambo.
  2. The human body is the apex beauty. This means your personal goal in life should be to beautify your own personal body to the maximum (without plastic surgery, steroids, etc).
  3. Ultimate democratic approach: Genetics doesn’t matter. Sex doesn’t matter. Racial ethnicity doesn’t matter. Anyone can both add muscle mass and subtract fat.
  4. It doesn’t cost much to get ripped. Just intermittent fast [no breakfast, no lunch], one big ass meal a day, and mostly a ‘ketogenic’ diet.
  5. Your body is always with you. Why not beautify your body to inspire yourself?

The joy of sculpting your own body

To sculpt your own body is insanely fun. Why? You can see the change over time!

Once again, the goal is simple:

Never stop adding muscle mass, and never stop reducing body fat, or keeping it low (around 10%).

Muscle and your body is highly practical.

The more muscle you have, the more energy you got. The more power you got to make art-work, and live with gratitude, joy, and hyper-vigor.

Strengthen on, and flex on!



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