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Real vs Fake // Natural vs Unnatural

What’s real? What’s fake? Why does it matter?

Something I am very curious about:

Who is ‘natty’ (natural) and who is using “gear” (steroids, human growth hormone, etc).

Why do I care? A pursuit for truth.

I have no moral or ethical qualms against steroids

Ronnie Coleman. Definitely used a lot of steroids, human growth hormone, etc to get to where he was. But to me, I don’t really care. What I care about is this:

When I look at other movie stars (The Rock, Mark Wahlberg, Gerald Butler from 300) — figuring out… did they use steroids/HGH/testosterone to get to where they are?

Or I suppose:

Discovering how far I can go naturally without using supplements, steroids, other weird stuff.


“Cheating” or not doesn’t matter.

Once again, it doesn’t really matter if people are using roids or not. I just wished there was more transparency.

For example, if The Rock is in a movie and is super yolked, I like to think he did it without steroids or other weird stuff. Or if he is advertising in front of a poster (looking super ripped and massive) for a fast and the furious film. Perhaps there should be a disclaimer:

This actor in this advertising has used steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

It is kind of like how companies are required to write if the foods are “genetically modified” or not. I personally don’t mind eating genetically modified food, but at least I wanna know that it is!

How big can I get without roids?

I suppose this is my personal curiosity:

How big can I personally get without steroids, protein powder, supplements, testosterone, or other weird stuff?

And in terms of being “natural”, this means for me:

Only eating meat to see how big I can get.

I don’t believe in genetics

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My thought:

All this talk about ‘genetics’ is low-key racism.

For example within body building, the general gist is:

African-American men have the best genetics for muscular size and strength, then followed by Latino/Caucasian men, then Asian [East-Asian men], then Indian [South-Asian men] on bottom.

My theory:

Perhaps this is all sociological.

Meaning —

  1. Asian culture is more focused on mental/educational culture than physical culture. Thus it makes sense you see less Asian men pursuing physical things.
  2. On TV and the media, sports, etc– African-Americans are seen as the apex in physical strength and ability. Thus more African-American boys and men end up pursuing physical culture. Thus at the top, you see more African-Americans, because there is a larger pool of highly motivated physical-culture individuals.

Then my theory:

All races, ethnicities and backgrounds (within the same sex-group) have the equal ability to maximal physical strength and physique.

Hard facts.

Obviously there are basic things like:

  1. Your height is genetically determined.
  2. Your facial and bodily physiological things are dependent on your parents. For example if both of your parents are African-American, then your skin pigment will be much darker than two parents of Korean descent (lighter pigment).
  3. The color of your eyes

But beyond this — perhaps:

Effort, dedication, motivation, and strategy is real. Perhaps 90% of it. Genetics is only 10%.

Male vs Female Strength

For example:

The strongest person on earth is a male. But the strongest female on earth is stronger than 99% of males.

For example, there are no women on planet earth who can deadlift as much as Eddie Hall (500kg).

But there are many women who are also insanely strong. There are women powerlifters who can deadlift over 500 pounds. Most likely they are doing steroids, but still– steroids, testosterone, HGH might only give you a 10-20% advantage. That is still damn impressive. That means that a woman without any steroids or weird stuff can probably deadlift at least 400 pounds.

Let us not get teenage kids taking roids.

Screenshot from pain and gain. Penis got you down?
Screenshot from pain and gain. Penis got you down?

Problem with steroids, HGH, testosterone injections:

  1. Inability to produce testosterone by yourself. This means you cannot get a boner without an injection (not good).
  2. Possibly the chance of getting unrelated heart-problems or diseases later on in life, which is irreversible? Steroids certainly has some sort of effect on cardiac-related health. To be clear, just because you take human growth hormone, steroids, testosterone, etc doesn’t mean you will definitely get heart-diseases or other diseases, but it certainly fucks up the homeostasis in your body for naturally-producing testosterone and other human growth hormones.
  3. Dependence on steroids, human growth hormones for the rest of your life.

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