How to Live the Best Life

What is the Best Life?

Some thoughts on the best life:

Freedom from care and BS

First thought:

Perhaps the best life is the life with the MINIMUM of responsibilities. Responsibilities for others, of certain duties, schedules, etc.

Thus perhaps a happier life is a ‘via negativa’ principle:

To live a happier life, have FEWER responsibilities, cares, and BS in your life.

Ultimate optionality

Another thought:

To have unlimited options; this is the best.

For example in Cuba, everyone is ‘happy’ but there are no choices. Better to be miserable with more choices than to have no choices and to be ‘happy’.

Writing to flesh out your thoughts

A thought about writing:

Writing is a good tool not to ‘express’ yourself, but as an effective tool to meta-think. This means as I write and type, I can better explicate my thoughts to myself.

Why have the ‘best’ life?

Isn’t it a human principle that all of us want the best possible life? Don’t we all want to improve our lives?

Perhaps this has been the problem thus far:

Nobody knows what a “better” life truly is.

We tend to think a happier life is a more comfortable life, a lazier life, a softer life, a less dangerous life, a more predictable life. But what if that wasn’t the case?

What if the best life was the life of maximum activity, physical vigor, challenges, dangers, freedom to pursue your interests, and not to have anyone hold you back?



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