How to Self-Respect Yourself

The most robust respect… self-respect.

What does it mean to respect yourself?

To admire yourself. Vanity. Healthy and strong ego. Respect for your thoughts, ideas, and opinions and knowing… there is no ultimate ‘truth’ or ‘falseness’ to your opinion. Assuming you’re not talking physics or math, all is opinion.

Artistic self-respect

If you strive to get the respect of others… can you ever gain your own self respect of your own work and art?

How to self respect yourself

What does it mean to respect yourself? It means looking at yourself in the mirror and being proud of what you see.

How does one self respect themselves?

  1. To not look at oneself with shame
  2. To un-learn traditional ethics and morality.
  3. To learn vanity, self admiration.
  4. To fall in love with ones body; more muscle mass, less body fat.


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