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How to Think for Yourself

What does it mean to think for yourself?

Anti thinking

Let us start with the negative. What does it mean to NOT think for yourself? This means mindlessly following others, and not being critical, skeptical, or suspicious of others, the media, and institutions.

Zen zone

Why I don’t trust the media:

Just follow the money, and see where their hidden motives lie.

In praise of skepticism

How do you know whether you’re a free thinker or not? Whether you’re skeptical to all the knowledge and wisdom you’ve been fed.

Besides physics and math, almost all knowledge is subjective. All morals and ethics are certainly subjective and notions of “right” and “wrong” are purely aesthetic. Ethics are aesthetic.

Listen to your own BS detector

Besides my friend Todd Hata, I don’t know any other free thinkers. To truly become a free thinker, you must call out BS. You gotta follow and believe in your gut— right or wrong.

And this is what I have discovered:

The only true thinkers can be entrepreneurs. Why? They’re not a slave to an institution or system.

Question everything by yourself, and let your mind be the filter.

How I was able to start thinking:

  1. No news.
  2. No social media
  3. No movies, shows, etc.
  4. No modern media

No political correctness

Have the guts to say what you think and what is on your mind. No self censorship is the first goal. Don’t worry about offending the feelings of others. Political correctness (or the PC police) is the toxin which prevents free thought. Avoid those who try to act like the thought police.

Just stream it.

Lots of time walking in the streets. No music or head phones on. No phone. Let your own ideas percolate inside your skull. Less noise, more signal.



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