Aesthetics are Ethics

The aesthetics we decide to adopt are based on our ethics, our peeoenal beliefs, and what we concern as beautiful, of value, and of positive utility to ourselves.

Your personal aesthetics reflect you.

For example if you like minimalist aesthetics you probably don’t like notions of clutter, superfluous matter and excess. You probably prize simplicity and directness.

If you like maximalist aesthetics, perhaps your ethics believe in optimization, modernism, and productivity.

Who are you?

Who are you, what is your character and personality? How can you make your personal aesthetics assert your own individual ethics?

Think about:

  1. How you travel
  2. How you live at home
  3. What possessions are important to you
  4. Your production and consumption styles or patterns
  5. The ethics you aspire towards
  6. The cultures you admire, and who your heroes are.

Reveal your soul through your aesthetics, actions, and artwork!