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Don’t entertain any ideas beyond the flesh.

Why flesh-forward thinking?

What is real? Your body. Your toes to your head. Your legs, abdomen, arms, and head. Head, arm, arm, leg, leg.

Why have we been taught to despise our bodies?

Typical christian morality. We have been taught:

The body is the source of all evils and deception. To gain enlightenment you must learn to despise the body.

What is the truth?

Nothing exists beyond our bodies and death. Once your body dies, your soul dies as well.

Where is morality holding us back?

The funny thing:

Even if you are not religious, you are probably restrained by Christian-Utilitarian morality.

Utilitarian thinking: this is essentially a new form of Christian morality (without the godhead).

My hypothesis:

Even modern American Utilitarian thinking says and thinks:

The body is evil.

How does consumerism work?

My thoughts:

1. Why is it okay to take the top off your convertible, but not to take your own shirt top off?

We all aspire to get some fancy sports car (convertible), or even a Lambo. But … why not aspire to make your body look like a hyper car instead?

My theory:

Consumerism works by thinking we can augment our bodies via (non-flesh) things.

For example, a man wants to feel more masculine and dominant. How does he do this? He buys a loud sports car, which is highly efficient in burning gasoline, making a lot of noise. Yet… the same man cannot walk around in public and screaming loudly how great he is.

2. You cannot buy an ideal body … or can you?

Let us not lie. There are more ideal body compositions than other. For example:

It is superior to be a man at 200 pounds with 10% body fat and high muscle mass than to be a man at 200 pounds with 40% body fat with low muscle mass.


It is better to be a woman at 130 pounds with 20% body fat and high muscle mass than to be a woman at 130 pounds with 50% body fat and low muscle mass.

All humans look better with higher muscle mass and lower body fat. It seems that for men around 10% is the optimal, and for women around 20% (for physiological purposes). Any lower, worse for reproductive health and sexual fertility. And certainly women need more body fat than men (all the lady parts and so forth).

More faith in meat than money

What is more valuable if you’re starving on an island:

An oxen with 1,000 pounds of meat, or $1 million dollars?

Certainly the oxen! (assuming you got some grille, charcoal, etc).

  • meat delicious meat
  • Another beautiful cut of meat. I think this is bottom sirloin steak.
  • meat fogo de chau
  • Indian buffet. Lots of delicious lamb mutton and chicken.
  • My meat pantry and freezer

Money ain’t real. Meat is real.

Thus for me:

I allow myself to purchase unlimited (cheap cuts) of meat. I have zero qualms about buying meat. It fuels me. And I put more faith in my flesh and human physiology than my ‘mind’, which is simply a reflection of my bodily health.

How does a flesh-forward line of thinking play out?

Prioritize your bodily health over your ‘mental’ health. Why? If your body is healthy and strong, your mind will also be healthy and strong.

Where does the source of our artistic power come from?

If I only slept 2 hours last night, of course I cannot be creatively productive. If my body is physically weak, I cannot create.

The source of all our artistic creation: our body and flesh.

Thus if your goal is to become a more productive artist:

Always prioritize your body and flesh.


Physiology 101


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