The Female Form

Why is it that the female form fascinates me so much? Some thoughts —

Sexual fitness

Certainly there is some sort of sexual or biological fitness which comes to play. Certainly there are some physiological shapes and forms of women which are better adapted to procreation.

What are we men looking for?

When it comes to the female form, I think what we are looking for is suppleness, youth, elasticity, softness, and curves. Why is this? Perhaps it will produce superior offspring. Perhaps there is something in our biological DNA which attracts us to it. For example, thinking about “hip to wait” ratio— I typically prefer a larger ratio (I prefer the hourglass shape).

How curvaceous is TOO curvaceous?

Once again — I think it’s a matter of proportions. This is why generally speaking, I find something a bit odd when women have insanely huge augmented breasts.

Perhaps this is where the human desire for curves comes from?

When we think about exotic sports cars, they tend to be talked about by men almost as sexual female objects. Like, “she has beautiful curves!” (when talking about a sports car, or a Porsche car).

Men are angular?

I also love the male form. But for me — perhaps I prefer a more rugged, rigid, and more mountain-like terrain for the male body? Thus for me in car design, why I prefer Lamborghini cars, and aspire to make my body look like a Lamborghini?

Why is the human body, form, and flesh demonized?

It seems to be mostly Christian morality which is anti body, flesh, sexuality, etc. Anyone (myself included) who grew up Christian (Catholic, Protestant) will know — you’re taught to be ashamed of your body, sexual desires, etc. I still remember how much shame I felt when I first went through puberty at age 12, and how much maturation and porn was demonized. The fear:

If you jerk off and/or watch porn, God is watching you, and you will go to hell.

Pretty scary for a kid.

What is porn anyways?

I did some research on this, and basically porn refers to or means “female prostitute”. Certainly in the past having sex with prostitutes was dangerous — you could catch diseases and die. And also, not a good idea for social mobility or class.

What’s the end-game?

Certainly the end-game is to impregnate a woman and have children with her. Sexual pleasure and interest as a means to procreate.

When is porn bad?

I don’t see any moralistic evils with porn. It’s all subjective and relative. For me, porn is only bad if perhaps your desired outcome is to have children, and you would prefer to jerk off to porn than have sex with your wife. But if your end goal isn’t to have kids or whatever — I don’t really see any “moralistic evil” with porn. And also —

Assuming porn means prostitute, is stuff like audio sexual stimulation the same? Or erotic art? Or erotic stories, games, etc?

The pagan veneration of the female form

It seemed pagan religions of the past had a deep reference for the female shape, form, pregnancy, the vagina, breasts, and so forth.

The renaissance

Also the renaissance seemed beneficial to re-awaken and re-birth and re-baptize the female shape and form (nude) as something divine.

No moralistic or ethical venom-poison when it comes to art

Perhaps we should enjoy our art, “moraline free” as Nietzsche says.

Art should be moral-free

Don’t ascribe any morality to your art. This seems to be the great liberation.

A word on nipples

Why do men like nipples so much? And what type of nipples? My theory:

Perky, erect nipples which point upwards are a sign of sexual fitness.

Not all breasts are made alike.

The reason why I don’t like “fake boobs” (breast implants):

Real breasts sag a bit, and are affected by gravity.

When breasts are TOO FIRM, it seems unnatural. If breasts are TOO SAGGY, perhaps it is a sign that the woman is too old for you, and perhaps isn’t fit for reproductive fitness. It seems breasts are an indicator for youth, suppleness, and reproductive fitness. This is why the size of the breasts aren’t that important. You just gotta think:

When a woman’s breasts are “too small”, it might be a sign they’re an adolescent and not yet sexually fit.

You want a woman to be “ripe” for sexual fitness. From an evolutionary perspective, a woman after puberty.

Hip-waist ratio

When we look at the bodily ratios above, which looks masculine and which looks feminine?

From what I understand, a male with wider shoulders (ratio to hips) is better. Why? It is a sign of more strength, more testosterone, more ability to fight and be physically strong towards life and evolutionary fitness.

For women, a more curved shape seems better:

Once again — when we just look at shapes and polygons, which shape looks more like a woman and which looks more like a man?

Personal preferences?

Eye-Tracking of Men’s Preferences for Waist-to-Hip Ratio and Breast Size of Women

In this study, I prefer the physique of woman to the far left. Even though the woman on the far right has larger breasts. Why is this? Perhaps I just have a different personal taste to female physique.

Is it all subjective?

I think not. For example study these 3D models. There are certainly some physiques which are more attractive and less attractive.

Flesh or form?

This is where things get interesting to me:

What is it we are attracted to — the female or human shape and form, flesh, or both?

And what is considered “inappropriate”? Nipples? The female form? Sharpness and clarity? Is a blurred photo still ok? To what extent?

For example — this Gaussian blur test. At what point is blurred enough blurry enough?

On iPad and procreate — sampling flesh skin tone:

Why skin? Based on our eyes, we can tell someone’s age based on the firmness, elasticity and texture-tone of their skin. For example doctors can guess with good accuracy how old you are when they hold your hand and look at your hand.


Gustav Klimpt: Woman Masturbating

Another thought —

I think there is a difference between the female shape and form and nudity and eroticism.

Eroticism (I think) has to do more with sexual desire. With the promise of sexual intercourse. Or the perception that the subject of the image is eager for YOUR sexual advances and penetration. My theory:

The male attraction to orifices (the female vagina, hole, or even mouth):

And another theory — perhaps there is human depth perception. We are attracted to holes and orifices? Or in a position in which we perceive the woman is sexually eager for us and our seed? This means bent over, or in a sexual position?


Something also randomly interesting to me:

Why am I attracted most to Asian women?

Perhaps morphology. I’m Korean, and have descended from the Mongols. I even have a “Mongolian birthmark” on my right butt cheek. Thus perhaps there is a link that we are typically more sexually attracted to people who look like us (morphology wise). Morphology as pertaining to facial structure, skin tone, and proportions of the face and body.

But this is where things get weird:

When looking at artistic depictions or even 3D models of certain races of people.

How does google know I’m Korean?

Even more interesting … based on paintings!

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