How to Eat More Meat

To maximize muscular gain, eat more meat.

1. Intermittent fasting

Don’t eat breakfast or lunch. Break your fast at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, or even see if you can extend your fast to 7, 8, or 9pm.

2. Buy cheap meat

Chicken drumsticks, chicken leg quarters, pork shoulder roast, ground beef, ground pork, etc.

Cheap cuts of meat can be as cheap as 99 cents a pound! For pork shoulder roast, just crock pot it. Another delicious cut of meat for cheap is pork ribs, also around $1 USD a pound!

The secret is this:

Buy the cheapest cuts of meat, per pound, given the fatty content.

The fattier the meat, the more delicious and better.

3. Consume meat with vinegar, fermented foods, onion, garlic, acids, etc.

Why do we like to eat meat with kimchi, sauerkraut, vinegar, mustard, or other acidic foods? Because it helps us break down the meat and aids in digestion. Same goes with eating meat with strong black or green tea.


4. Workout, walk, cold training much during the day

Workout a lot during the day to increase your appetite. It can be body weight exercises, at the gym, or just working out at home with weights.

Other options:

  1. Workout at the park
  2. Workout in the streets
  3. Chinups or muscle ups

Have fun with it and be creative! Throw rocks for example:

Find bars in public to do dips on or chin ups on.

For weights, having dumbbells or kettle bells at home is very useful.

For body weight workouts, I like pushups, planche, etc.

To warmup I like doing yoga style stuff.

Nothing beats deadlifts though.

I also find cold training effective to boost my appetite. Cold showers, or walk outside in the cold with just a t shirt. Cold showers at night too.

5. Don’t eat carbs, bread, starch, beer, alcohol, etc.

Don’t consume anything which is “filler”. Better to eat more meat than to eat simple carbs and such. The desired end outcome is to maximize muscular growth, which is certainly best if you maximize how much meat you eat a day. I strive to eat as much meat as humanly possible without “over-eating” or “force feeding”. I like to enjoy eating. I strive to eat around 3-4 pounds of meat a day if possible.

6. Easiest way to cook lots of meat

Just buy a cheap crockpot. Cindy and I got a crockpot from Walmart for only $20 brand new! I’m sure you can order one on amazon or get one from a family member for free or super cheap.

Another cool thing with the crockpot:

You can stick it in the oven to bake stuff.

The ceramic black thing is oven-safe!

7. Using the oven to cook meat, bacon, etc.

Super easy. Just put the oven to 405 degrees, and then put some meat on a nonstick tray or container, and stick it in the oven. Keep cooking until it is cooked. How do you know? Smell. Or use the oven mitts to take out the meat at around 30 minutes to 1 hour to check up on it. Then use a knife or some scissors to cut into the meat and see how it looks. Then taste it!