Front selfie

Flesh over Metal

When in doing, prioritize your body and flesh over metal (watches, cars, motor cycles, etc).

Don’t be the fat guy with the M3

A realization:

All of us men are simply trying to asset and augment our masculinity. But how do we do this? More money, power, influence, louder cars, topless convertibles, etc.

Convertible or topless chest?

A funny thing:

Why are we allowed to buy a convertible sports car (very loud) and drive it down a busy street (trying to look cool with your sunglasses and revving your engine), but we aren’t allowed to walk topless (exposed chest, big muscles) down the same street?

Transform your body into a Lambo

I’ve always wanted a Lambo, but my epiphany:

Better to transform my body (flesh) into a Lambo, instead of PURCHASING a metal (fragile to time and rust) Lambo.

Double take yourself

I prefer to admire my own body, muscles than my Rolex, my bank account, or my Leica. And for me, if I had the option of having an epic physique (200 pounds of pure muscle, 10% body fat) or being a fat trillionaire, I would choose to be the poor buff person.

How did ERIC KIM get so swole?


  1. Lift heavy weights. Powerlifting is ideal.
  2. Everyday workout and try to increase the intensity 3-5% everyday (intensity over reps)
  3. Body weight and weight lifting hybrid.
  4. Eat lots of meat. The fattier the meat, the better. I strive to eat 3-5 pounds of meat (beef, pork, chicken) a day. I don’t eat carbs, protein powders, or any of that stuff.