All is flux.

What is ‘flux’?

Flux means ‘flow’.

Latin: “fluo“– which means to flow, stream, pour.

  • 29 BCE – 19 BCEVirgilAeneid 8.445:
    • Fluit aes rīvīs aurīque metallum, vulnificusque chalybs vastā fornāce liquēscit.
    • Bronze and golden ore flowed in streams, and steel, that deals wounds, melted in a vast furnace.
      • Fluit (flow) aes rivis aurique metallum (metal), vulnificusque chalybs vasta fornace (furnace) liquescit (liquid).

Why think about flux and flow?

As an artist, think of yourself as a river. Stream. Water.

You are constantly flowing. You are constantly streaming.

Even my theory about blogging is this:

You are just streaming your life online to the internet.

When will the river stop flowing?

Well, your life stops streaming once you die. I had a half-asleep thought:

I aspire to live to be 133 years old.

But beyond this, life is not necessary. We brave humans need a limit to life. Life and death is the ultimate creative constraint.



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