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Morality and Ethics is the Snare

Upon thinking deeply — it isn’t anxiety, fear, or even fear of pain and death which holds us back. It is morality and ethics — notions of “guilt”, “shame”, and punishment. If you want to fly higher, you must become amoral.

Why guilt?

Why was guilt invented? A snare and noose. A form of social control.

Let us consider … the fear of eternal pain and suffering in the afterlife. Isn’t this the most cruel form of engineered social control? 

Why do I always feel so guilty?

For me, catholic guilt and also Confucian guilt. Confucian guilt and a sense of responsibility for your family. Catholic guilt — notions of sin and shame. 

A life without sin

Sin isn’t real. It ain’t real. Sin is just a socially manufactured concept by the Jewish and Christian priests. Even Jesus tried to do away with sin — he forgave all. Jesus certainly didn’t like wickedness, but Jesus was actually anti-organized religion. Let us remember, Jesus was Jewish (not “Christian”). The early apostles and disciples of Jesus (especially Paul) needed to transform Jesus into a martyr.

Unchain yourself

Unlearn your shame, guilt and feelings of “responsibility” to fly further and higher!



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