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Why Selfish?

Towards a philosophy of selfishness:

1. To be selfish means “self”-ish

Is the self evil? That is what many philosophers and religions have said.

2. Why is it evil to be selfish?

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The thought:

One must self sacrifice him or herself for the herd. Anything which is directed solely on the individual is bad and evil.

3. When is it good to be selfish?

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To be selfish is good when it is in the directives of helping the collective or others. For example, it is “ok” if a man “self sacrifices” himself and is focused on working and making money to “bring home the bacon”.

Or Elon Musk being a “bad dad” is considered fine, because he is self sacrificing himself for the betterment of the planet and the future of humanity.

4. What is “selfishness” anyways?

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Selfishness means to put yourself above others. But isn’t this the most logical and rational thing we can do?

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5. What would happen if ALL humans would put other humans above themselves?

“Equality and sympathy for all would be tyranny for you, my good neighbor.” (Nietzsche paraphrase)

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Certainly the world wouldn’t and couldn’t function. A society in which everyone perfectly self sacrifices is an absurd society.

6. What does society want from you?

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Society wants you to be obedient, a good consumer, to contribute to the economy, etc. Society doesn’t want you to be a true individual.

For example in America, individualism is only “allowed” in the context of consumerism. You can express your individuality via the clothes and cars you purchase, but you’re not allowed to freely express your thoughts and beliefs.

7. Society and individualism is incompatible.

Does society really want you to become an individual? No! They promote fake capitalistic individualism.



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