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Others don’t have free will. We may have free will (to a certain extent or degree), but even we don’t have 100% free will over our environment, health, societal conditions, hormones, and life circumstances.

If a child was drowning and a man didn’t attempt to save the child, would you blame the man? Probably. But what if the man was literally deaf and didn’t hear the yelping of the child? Then we cannot blame the man.

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Why we like to blame others

Perhaps because we are too weak to take extreme responsibility for ourselves, our own actions and our own lives?

Punishing others or cruelty onto others with a good conscience?

Or perhaps blaming others means:

We are ashamed to admit we enjoy cruelty onto others (because of traditional morality), but in order to commit cruelty onto others, we must discover a reason *WHY* that person *DESERVES* punishment.

Thus is this the birth of blame?



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