Extreme Responsibility

What is extreme responsibility? To have the extreme courage to face reality in all her cruel and joyful aspects and declare:

All the good and bad in life is good… and a stimulus to my own growth, thriving and strengthening.

No right and wrong

First thing:

We must abolish the notion of “right” and “wrong” from our vocabulary.

Perhaps better to think of the dichotomy of the terms:

Strengthening or weakening.

Good or bad is subjective.

Coffee (caffeine) is a poison. It is designed as an insecticide from insects from eating it. But when we humans consume coffee and caffeine, it acts as a stimulant and gives us a good buzz. We humans are strong enough to not die from caffeine— we are much stronger than our little bug friends.

Responsibility as a promise

To be responsible to others means:

You promise someone something, and you don’t break the promise.

But why do we want others to promise things to us?


We want others to do our bidding.

How do we get others to promise us to do things? Fear. Guilt. Money. Religious obligations, or obligations to the family. Social expectations or norms.

Don’t promise anything to anyone?