Insanity is Good.

When others start calling you crazy or insane, this is a good sign.

Mentally ill, or simply socially aberrant?

When people call me “crazy”, or somehow think I have mental problems, I’m not certain what they mean. In terms of cognitive ability, I am at peak condition. I can think clearly. No distractions. No bs. Very clear and good.

Do people just not like me or my opinions?

To speak your mind openly in modern society is not seen as “normal”. But I say fuck being normal. Better to simply be you.

What is “mental health” anyways?

On Photography and Health

I think mental illness is actually physiological illness. For example I’m quite certain my dad has many physiological diseases and degenerations in his body which led to his mental and cognitive decline. Truth be told, I don’t really blame him. He was simply a product of his own environment and upbringing.

Blaming is Boring.


Never blame anyone else. Just exploit reality to your benefit.



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