Exploit Reality to Your Own Benefit

Don’t blame; change.

Change reality to your liking.

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Yes you can change, transfigure and mould reality to your liking.

Create the thing which you wish to see in the world

What is reality?

Steve Jones
Steve Jobs

Reality is embodied reality. Flesh reality is the best reality.

Ask yourself “why?” you do anything. Ask yourself “why?” ad infinitum (into infinity) to gain a deeper truth.


What is “exploitation”?

Esploit” in old French — income, revenue. “Explico” in Latin means literally to “unroll” or “unfold”. Or to deploy, extend, or display. “Plek” in Proto indo-European to mean to fold, weave, or plait. “Pel-” (pelt) as a covering, skin, hide, cloth, or to cover and wrap.

So from a poetic sense, perhaps exploitation is simply:

Unfold reality to best benefit you.

Photography Entrepreneurship 101 by ERIC KIM PART 1