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Against race notions; more towards a species-focused (homo sapien, human) perspective.

Homo sapiens

We are the human race, the human species. We can procreate with one another. Facts.

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The human race as a whole

What’s the true goal here. The goal is trying to figure out:

How should we progress as a human species?

Elon Musk wants us to colonize Mars and beyond. A noble goal. What does Jeff Bezos want? To also colonize space and beyond. Thus it seems the goal of the human species SHOULD to go beyond earth, and conquer the whole galaxy and universe.

Humans above all.

Humans are apex. We are a quadrillion times superior than beasts of burdens, pets, etc. All human activity is for the sake of promoting human power.

What is the goal?

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The goal is human grandeur. For us humans to continually become stronger as a species. And how do we do this? Well, this is the central question in philosophy:

What constitutes a “great” man, and how do we evolve and progress the species of humanity forward and upwards?

Evolve as to “unroll” or unravel (evolvo).

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Power is the end goal

Once again — what do we humans truly want? More power.

As of now, we have conquered the planet. We have subjugated the wild and the cruel darkness of nature. We are now properly the demigods of planet earth. With all our modern science and technology, we are godlike. We are essentially gods, except we die. Mortal gods.

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How to become more powerful?

What does it mean to become more powerful? The topic of our next essay.


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