It seems that we desire the forbidden fruit: to feel godlike, and to perhaps become godlike.

The will to power

The first thought (in the vein of Nietzsche):

As humans, we all desire MORE POWER.

More power as manifested through more knowledge, more possessions, more money, more tools, etc.

Therefore the desire to HAVE MORE and to become more/become stronger seems to be a ‘natural’ thing.

Why ‘god-like’?

I think the best notions of gods come from the ancient greeks. The basic notion is this:

The ancient Greeks created gods in their image, and essentially self-deifying themselves (Greek culture).

For example the gods of the Iliad and Homer have the same emotions (anger, pity, jealousy, rage) as well as motivations (cunning, trickery, delight in war and deception, etc). The only difference between the gods and humans is that the gods live (a bit) longer.

Godlike heroes

Also what interests me:

The heroes of the Iliad are often regarded as ‘god-like’.

For example, Achilles has enough strength to literally fight the gods in battle, and wound the gods.

Therefore the takeaway point is this:

Human beings (if we are noble, daring, and bold/courageous enough), we can become god-like through our efforts or perhaps our noble birth.

Why multiple gods?

The question is this:

Why were there many gods in the past (poly-theism) and why is there just one god (monotheism) in modern times?

Well Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the most influential religions in the world, and all of them believe in one god. Also through the Crusades, evangelism, and war — many of the older cultures with many gods have been eradicated. The only “mainstream” religion I can think of which has multiple gods is Hinduism.

But the primary convenience of having multiple gods is this:

When you have multiple gods, not all the power is concentrated in one god. All the gods have their strengths and weaknesses, and certain talents.

And if we extrapolate these notions to us humans, it means that we are allowed to have certain strengths and weaknesses, we are allowed to have irrational emotions, and we can become godlike in certain aspects.

Do you desire to become godlike?

“I know I’m not the most high, but I’m on a close high.” – Kanye West (I AM A GOD, Yeezus Album)

There is a hierarchy of gods in the Iliad. Zeus reigns supreme.

When Kanye West says, “I am a god” he is not inferring that he is the only and sole god. He is saying he is a standalone god in his own design.


One of the passages from the Bible I have found extremely fascinating is this passage from Psalm 82:

Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; uphold the rights of the afflicted and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; save them from the hand of the wicked. They do not know or understand; they wander in the darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken. I have said, ‘You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High.’ But like mortals you will die, and like rulers you will fall.”

Note the part that “YOU ARE GODS”, yet we will die (because we are mortal).

The way I interpret this is:

We are mortal, but we can become god-like.

What does it mean to be godlike?

I will only speak from my personal experience:

Feeling godlike is when I feel so insanely overflowing with creative and physical energy.

This often happens to me while I’m preparing to attempt a ‘one rep max’ (new personal record) in deadlift, after I have completed a new PR (personal record), or when I have a phenomenal coffee high at a great vibing coffee shop and I’m 100% engrossed in my creative work (being in ‘the zone’ or an insanely deep ‘creative flow’)

Therefore for myself, I think the notion of feeling godlike is a combination of physiological strength and overflowing (powerlifting) and creative overflowing strength.


I think the principal way we get suckered in life:

We think that the goal of feeling more powerful is just having more money.

To FEEL more godlike — having more possessions, toys, or money doesn’t really give you that sensation. For myself it is a mindset thing: the belief in your own hyper-abundance, and also your physiological strength and overflowing power.

Can you feel godlike everyday?

Now this is the billion dollar question:

Is it possible to feel godlike everyday, all day (permanently elevated supreme/high mood)?

Probably not. To feel this supreme high state and elevation of mood, we need some sort of contrast. So perhaps if you want to elevate your ability to feel godlike, perhaps we also need to become more keen to feel depressed. What I mean is this:

If you desire to feel EXTREME EXALATION, we also need to feel DEEP DEPRESSION. And also perhaps to “increase our ability to feel extreme exaltation”, we must similarly “increase our ability to feel deep depression”.

In praise of dissatisfaction

In practical thinking:

Perhaps in order to feel more satisfaction in life, and to achieve more epic shit in life, we need to elevate our propensity towards dissatisfaction.


The goal of life:

Elevate yourself to the highest level. Ruthless self-experimentation, building your willpower to the highest level, and finding your happiness NOT in possession or achievement, but through STRIVING!