Belief in ‘genetics‘ is Racism 2.0.

Whoa, you’re so strong!


If you saw an Asian guy deadlifting 455 pounds at the gym (no belt, no strap) … would you be surprised? Yes! But if he were African American would you be as surprised? Probably not.

If this is the situation, the individual is low-key racist. Also low key racist to Asian men.

How Bruce Lee is the red herring

Bruce Lee. If you are an Asian male, you can get ‘ripped’, but you cannot look like the hulk or like The Rock.

What is my aspiration?

To achieve my personal maximum.

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Genetics. ‘I have bad genetics’ is essentially saying:

My genetic stock, or my racial stock for reasons x, y, z is inferior.

And where do we learn this? Media. TV. Movies. Or low-key racists in the fitness world.

My aspiration

No, I do not want to get ‘shredded’ or ‘ripped’ or ‘cut’. I want to become massive. Ideally 200 pounds with 10% body fat (with a 6 pack). I am around 5 foot 10, Korean-American. I think I can do it.


Eu means ‘good’. Eugenics is essentially the notion that:

Some genes are good, some genetics is good, some is bad.

There is a hierarchy of genetics or genes.

But once again… this is racist. And I think we have established that racism is bad.

So why continue to propagate Racism 2.0 — which is belief in genetics?

Of course there are some genetics

For example, facial morphology. Tolerance towards alcohol or dairy. Height. Stuff like that.

But beyond that– subjective things like ‘intelligence’ and even physical capacity — this is not useful.

IQ is Racism 3.0

In the future, who will rule society? The nerds! The nerds who know how to game the IQ swindle Taleb talks about.

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Don’t believe in race. Don’t believe in genetics.

Instead, believe in culture. Society. Rules. Social conditioning. Capitalism and globalism.





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