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My Definition of Racism

To see some races as inferior, but also to see other races as superior in some ways.

In this way, I (was) a racist— believing that African American men were genetically and physically stronger than Asian American men (by genetics).

Thus, racism cuts both ways.

Thus it seems:

We should not see any races as superior or inferior to anyone else.

This means less belief in “genetics”. Anyone who proposes that certain populations have “altered genetics” which make their IQ points higher (like Steven Pinker and the Ashkenazi Jews) as low-key racists.

Asians do not have any genetics which favors our mathematical performance

Instead, it is culture. Confucian culture which prizes education above all.

All races are equal

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All is effort, training, and culture. For any individual, if you want it bad enough … you can achieve it.

Yes, Asian guys can become buff and masculine.

Why are there more African American NFL players compared to Asian American NFL players? Simple: culture and population breakdown. African Americans are a higher population number than Asian Americans. Also, Asian Americans aren’t encouraged to play sports by our parents. Thus you will see less Asian Americans at the top level sports (freer Asian Americans play at the high school level, college level, and the national level).

IQ is low key “scientific” racism

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For those who believe in IQ— low key racism. IQ cannot measure “intelligence”. Why? Intelligence will never be able to be quantified, no matter how many Ivy League professors, doctors, PhDs, or consultants you got.

Intellego: the ability to discern, avoid folly, and fallacies. All humans are prone to “dis-intelligence”. And also we must ask:

To be intelligent … in what?

Social intelligence? Intelligence of fixing a roof? Intelligence of avoiding biases and logical fallacies? Who is determining the code and hierarchy of values here in regards to intelligence?

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To fix racism; don’t be racist yourself.

If we truly desire to fix racism in America and the world, perhaps we should start by fixing ourselves!