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How I Became Stronger and Buffer and More Swole During and After Quarantine


I am now stronger and buffer than I was before quarantine.

How and why? My thoughts:

Transform every negative into a positive

First thing:

Honestly when gyms got closed, I got super bummed. The fear of losing all my ‘gains’ [muscular and strength gains] I once achieved at the gym.

But what did I do? Discover new options:

  1. Workout at park
  2. Workout at home
  3. Combine weight training *AND* bodyweight exercises
  4. Discover new muscular and strength challenges for myself.


Certainly is is preferable for everyone [boy or girl] to have MORE MUSCLE MASS and LESS body fat. This is a given.

My strategies

  1. Attempt impressive feats of strength. Muscle up, ring muscle up, one legged pistol squats with weights, clean and press with heavy rock, planche, etc.
  2. Hybrid of both difficult body weight AND weight challenges. Do both, and just have fun with it.
  3. Workout every day, several times a day. Do it in a spirit of fun and play and physical self-experimentation (testing your strength).
  4. Augment muscular gains by eating lots of delicious and fatty meats, and sleep a lot.



My Muscle Philosophy:

Treat your body as sculpture.

This is not my body

The first thing:

I don’t see my body as belonging to me. I look at my body like it belongs to someone else.

When I look at the Lamborghini of someone else, I admire it. When I see the muscles and physiques of anyone else, I admire it. Then I had the epiphany:

Why not transform my own body into a Lambo, and admire my own body instead?

The logic

The great logic:

  1. It is far cheaper to get buff than to buy a Lambo.
  2. The human body is the apex beauty. This means your personal goal in life should be to beautify your own personal body to the maximum (without plastic surgery, steroids, etc).
  3. Ultimate democratic approach: Genetics doesn’t matter. Sex doesn’t matter. Racial ethnicity doesn’t matter. Anyone can both add muscle mass and subtract fat.
  4. It doesn’t cost much to get ripped. Just intermittent fast [no breakfast, no lunch], one big ass meal a day, and mostly a ‘ketogenic’ diet.
  5. Your body is always with you. Why not beautify your body to inspire yourself?

The joy of sculpting your own body

To sculpt your own body is insanely fun. Why? You can see the change over time!

Once again, the goal is simple:

Never stop adding muscle mass, and never stop reducing body fat, or keeping it low (around 10%).

Muscle and your body is highly practical.

The more muscle you have, the more energy you got. The more power you got to make art-work, and live with gratitude, joy, and hyper-vigor.

Strengthen on, and flex on!



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