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The more I think about it … what we are lacking in today’s world: some sort of cohesive philosophy binding together our thoughts. I believe philosophy is king AND the future.

Positing your own values

What is “philosophy” anyways? To me philosophy is simple:

Posit and determine your own code of values for yourself.

Or in other words:

Do what you care for, and disregard what you don’t care for.

Philosophy takes balls

To pursue philosophy means to have the balls to be staunch about your personal beliefs. To NOT chicken out. To refuse to let yourself be bullied by others. To have the courage to declare:

These are my values and this is what I care for. The rest of y’all can go to h-e-double hockey sticks.

The courage to speak your mind, and not self censor yourself.

Another big thing:

As a philosopher, you must have the guts and the courage to pursue your own personal thoughts, without self censorship.

The most tragic loss is whenever you censor yourself and don’t truly speak your mind.

Philosophy is king

The Smallest and Highest Quality

Steve Jobs was a philosopher of aesthetics, form, function. Zen and technology was Steve.

Kanye West is also a philosopher. What he says upends traditional thought. What makes Kanye “dangerous” is his aberrant thinking.

On Photography and Health

The future

  1. Start your own blog ( and install and start blogging, writing, and sharing your personal philosophies.
  2. Think deep. Challenge social norms which you consider BS.

Go deep!



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