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It seems life is far more fun, interesting and fulfilling when we put ourselves in a situation which allows us to (self-directedly) maximally engage ourselves with either thoughts, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, art, or the act of creation.

Seek the difficult

First thought– to maximally engage yourself, engage yourself in more difficult matters. Easy stuff is boring.

For example when it comes to literature, read things which are hard and interesting to you. Hesiod and the Shield of Heracles; a great read which is cruel, exacting, dark and interesting.

Why I love powerlifting

The only reason why I derive enjoyment from powerlifting is this:

I have much more fun testing my limits (and striving to exceed them) than doing pointless and boring repetitions.

Maximally engaging your body and mind

To gain maximal engagement with life, we must push our bodies and minds to the maximum. Challenge is key. Anything too simple and obvious is boring to us.

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