Happiness as a concept as too vague. Better to think about physiological happiness– the physiological thriving, growth, and splendor of the body!

Simple things

  1. Uber-abundant sleep: To be able to wakeup *WITHOUT* the agency of an alarm clock. Not feeling hurried, stressed or busy.
  2. Abundant time out doors, not at home. The outdoor life and city life as a superior life.
  3. Weight lifting, and powerlifting.
  4. Intermittent fasting, cold showers, and breaking your fast by eating tons of meat.

Physiology as pertaining to our body

My insight:

If you don’t got health, you cannot be happy.

Even Ancient Greek philosophers (Aristotle quoting) as saying– out of all the externals, health is the #1 chief good. Which means:

Nobody would want to be a billionaire assuming that they had the worst health in the world.

Having a billion bucks, but only sleeping 2 hours a night, constantly being physiologically depressed, at 40% body fat index, no physical strength, no physical vigor, and erectile dysfunction disorder… no amount of money is worth it.

Physiology 101


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