Powerlifting for Happiness

If you want to be ‘happier’ in life, more powerful, more productive, have more creative turbo thoughts, build a more beautiful physique and more, it seems simple: powerlifting is the way.

What is powerlifting vs typical body building?

Simply put, powerlifting is the art of increasing your ‘one rep max‘ of any given lift. For example, to squat the maximum amount of weight possible (once). Same goes with deadlift, dumbbell press, bench press, floor press, military press, whatever. Don’t get suckered by the ‘rules’ in powerlifting or the competitions or whatever. Powerlifting is mental training; zen-zone practice for yourself, your body, muscles and mind.

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I am certain: the body cannot be separated from the mind. Even the Ancient Greeks… to go to the gymnasium was seen as a thing that all noble citizens of Ancient Greek *had* to do, and even Galen (Roman physician) talked about the importance of physical fitness as well as temperance/fasting in dietary matters in order to maximize one’s health. And to me, the best definition of ‘happiness’ is the bodily physiological one. Once again:

If you are not physically and physiologically healthy, you cannot be happy.

The pursuit of apex health

There are a quadrillion different forms of physical fitness and exercise out there. Soul Cycle, Yoga, Crossfit, whatever. So why powerlifting? Simply put–

It is insanely fun, challenging, and truly gets you into this epic ‘zen zone’.

Also according to the barbell strategy:

Avoid ‘moderate’ exercise. The best exercise is insanely intense, concentrated, and forceful.

It seems CrossFit is a good trend; but the reason I don’t like it:

I just don’t like group fitness classes. To me, I prefer my physical exercise as a solitary individualistic pursuit. Whenever I am in a group fitness class, I feel entrapped.

One requires no motivation or discipline to powerlifting

What drives me? Simple — my lust for more “gains”, my ego, and my personal curiosity—

What are my limits?

Deadlifting 420 pounds (four 45-plates on each side, with a 2.5+5 pounder)