Sleep, Rest, and Recovery is a Virtue

What is the difference between humans and machines?

Humans are biological beings which require sleep, rest and recovery. The strange bias is ever since Taylorism, consumerism and Capitalism, and now the cult of productivity means:

The new virtue for humans is to become more machine-like (machines don’t require sleep, recovery … just some fuel and oil).

The problem then:

Sleep, recovery, rest and leisure and free time is seen as a vice.

But we must become anti Benjamin Franklin. What some people call sloth and laziness, we see the virtues of leisure, otium and the empty mental space necessary to self develop ourselves into something further. In other words:

More virtuous to sleep more, go to bed earlier, not try to “force” productivity out of yourself if you’re exhausted, and even not forcing yourself to workout or go to the gym if your body is exhausted and needs sleep and recovery.

In fact, we just prioritize our rest, recovery and sleep as our prime virtue in today’s insanely busy and crazy world.