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Why I Love Intermittent Fasting

If you want to become happier, more productive, more muscular, more lean (less body fat), and more artistically/creatively motivated-inspired-productive, then intermittent fasting is for you:

No breakfast and lunch


Very simple:

No breakfast or lunch.

Break your fast with one huuuuge meal (dinner). Soonest I break my fast around 3pm (on days when I am very weak), but I typically try to do ‘Ramadan’ style — just break my fast once the sun goes down (in summer time, around 8pm):

In Praise of Crock Pot Cooking

What I break my fast with

Lots of fatty cuts of meat (whatever is cheapest at the grocery store), and lots of bitter greens (kale, collard greens). Sometimes fermented foods (when I got them) like kimchi or sauerkraut.


In praise of cheap (fatty) cuts of meat.

My theory:

Meat is a steroid.

And also, cholesterol (in animal products only) are a steroid. What that means is:

The more you eat meat, the more you increase your testosterone.

Also —

The more saturated fat and cholesterol the meat has (really fatty cuts of meat like steak — red meat), the better.

The more saturated fat and cholesterol will increase your testosterone more (according to my theory).

Thus in my ideal world, I would eat nothing but fatty cuts of Rib-Eye steak. This is a bit expensive, so I go for what is cheaper — industrial-grade ground beef (around $2.99 a pound), or cheap cuts of pork (pork belly, pork shoulder loin-picnic-roast, which I can buy for only .99 cents a pound!!!)

I’m just cheap

13 eggs and bitter salad

Truth be told, if I was a quadrillionaire, of course I would only eat uber-expensive cuts of organic-free range-grass fed-pasture fed, Beethoven-played beef, which is killed ‘humanely’. But I am cheap and far too practical. We all know that NON-GMO food is probably better for you, but once again — I prefer being cheap and being more ghetto. I just buy whatever is cheapest.

When I break my fast, it is like food-gasm

Breaking your fast when you are insanely hungry is like an orgasm. I think Nassim Taleb calls breaking a fast the opposite of a hangover.

My Epic Dinner (One Insanely Huge Meal a Day)


1. “You must eat a hearty breakfast in order to have ‘fuel’ for the rest of the day!”

This is patently false. I did a 455 pound deadlift (sumo, no straps, no belt, no steroids).

Also millions around the globe don’t eat breakfast or lunch (they break their fast when the sun goes down) during Ramadan. Nobody dies.

2. “But if you eat small regular meals throughout the day, you will ‘speed up’ your metabolism and you will have more ‘regular’ energy throughout the day!”

Who is to say that having a “fast” metabolism is a good thing? If our engine rev’s too high (maxing out your RPM in your Type-R and ALWAYS being in V-TEC mode) is not a good thing. So certainly to ALWAYS have a fast metabolism is probably not a good thing.

Also, when you don’t eat any food during the day, your body starts to burn your fat stores (adipose tissue) in a metabolic process-state called ‘ketosis‘ (the basic concept behind the ‘ketogenic’ diet). I have experimented a ketogenic-approach in my diet with great success. But nowadays truth be told I’m probably following a more ‘carnivore’ diet, because I eat too much meat to be in a state of ‘ketosis’.

3. “But don’t you need to eat a protein bar, or shake, or something before working out to ‘maximize your gains’?

ERIC KIM 225 Pounds Deadlift (Two 45 Pound Plates on Each Side) Deadlift Sumo Form – Different Angles

Does a lion eat a granola bar before hunting a gazelle? Of course not! The hunger of the lion MOTIVATES the lion to move (motivation and move is the same word) to hunt and kill and eat the gazelle. Certainly to eat food before “hunting” for it (hunting and working out is the same thing) would confuse our metabolic system and hormone-signaling processes.

My benefits

Ironically enough, if you want to maximize your hedonic pleasure in life, fasting is the key. For example:

  1. Sexual abstinence: When you (finally) blow your load, it is 10000x better than if you rub one out every night to RedTube, YouPorn (or reddit NSFW or reddit gone wild).
  2. Food abstinence: When you break your fast and eat a massive amount of food, the food tastes 10000000x better than if you are eating all the time!


Physiology 101

Physiology 101

Physiology 101