ERIC KIM muscle flex

Apex Human Physiological Growth and Muscle Augmentation Theory and Philosophy

What is the apex for human physiology, growth, muscle augmentation, and fat loss or minimization? My thoughts and theories:

1. Why Meat is Good

First thought: meat is supreme and apex for muscular growth.

2. How to minimize fat gain, or to keep body fat percentage low (optimally 10% for men, 20% for women)

Next thought:

If your goal is to keep your body fat percentage low (or lower your body fat), perhaps intermittent fasting and also fasting from carbs, sugars, fruits, sweet things is optimal.

What is really our goal here?

I cannot speak for you, but for myself:

Maximal physiological growth and flourishing.

In an ideal world this means:

  1. Infinite muscular gains; better to steadily increase 1 pound of muscle mass every month (indefinitely) than to cap-out somewhere
  2. Keep body fat percentage relatively low at around 10%. The ‘lean and mean’ look is good for me
  3. Maximal physiological strength and flourishing. Maximal hyper active energy during the day and ability for deep relaxation and sleep at night.

More thoughts to come


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