Why I Abstain from Alcohol and Weed

No problems with alcohol or weed for ethical or moral reasons. Here are just my reasons:

I don’t like hangovers

I am of East-Asian descent which means I get ‘asian glow’. I turn red after a few shots or beers. Thus, my body doesn’t respond well to alcohol. My dad is insanely intolerant to alcohol (he was addicted to smoking, but didn’t drink, because even half a drop of alcohol would cause him to become insanely red).

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For myself, I am a bit in the middle. My mom can drink like a horse, but I cannot. Thus it is easier:

I don’t drink alcohol.

Why? More for physiological reasons. I don’t like headaches from alcohol or hang overs. Also I don’t like the extra adipose (fat gain) from drinking alcohol (whether wine … which is alcoholic grape juice, or beer … which is carbonated bread).

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Don’t fall into peer pressure

I remember when I was in the UK, and I told them I don’t drink beer .. I was the chagrin of the whole group. It is almost like I said “I am a baby eater”. In the UK it seems the Brits are typically intolerant towards those who don’t drink alcohol.

How I avoided peer pressure as a kid growing up

Growing up it was seen as macho to drink lots of alcohol. So I did. But weed; I was very anti-weed. Why? All my friends who ended up smoking weed just ended up becoming lazy degenerates. I wanted to avoid that fate.

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Even nowadays, I only see the problem of weed when it debilitates you, weakens you, or makes one complacent and anesthetized. I call it ‘nation of sedation‘.

Why doesn’t JAY Z, Dr. Dre or Kendrick Lamar smoke weed?

They’re highly intelligent. They know that weed messes with your mind. And while weed ain’t the “worst” drug (alcohol might actually be worse for you than weed), it still affects you in a way which sedates you.

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I have only smoked weed maybe 3 times in my life. The first time was hilarious. The second time not as much. Third time I’m like naw I don’t need this. I believe having weed legal is a good thing. But you as an individual, don’t feel pressured to smoke weed (like it is the ‘cool’ or ‘woke’ thing to do). It is good smoking weed doesn’t have a negative stigma, but NOT smoking weed shouldn’t have a negative stigma either (what I mean to say is that one should not be pressured into smoking weed in order to be ‘woke’).

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Towards a more physiological approach

Let us be more critical. What is the downsides of having too many substances in our body? A life with too much uppers and downers is bad. Certainly if you spend the rest of your life taking melatonin or ambien to fall asleep, this ain’t good. Or if you’re taking cocaine or coffee a trillion times a day to just stay awake, this ain’t good either.

Sleep is godlike

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What binds the gods and mankind? Even the Ancient Greek gods sleep!

Life strategy

The life strategy seems simple:

When you’re tired, take a nap. When you’re awake, do awake people stuff.

Also I would say to sleep well is 1000000x more valuable than even having a quadrillion dollars. If I had the choice of sleeping well every night (8-12 hours of very deep, unperturbed sleep) for the rest of my life, or being a billionaire with only 2 hours of sleep a night, I would choose the good sleep.

Why is sleep the cousin of death?

‘You can sleep when you’re dead’ seems to be the worst advice. I would say:

To not be able to sleep well is WORSE than death.

How to sleep better

No, don’t take a night cap or drink alcohol — this worsens your deep sleep. And don’t smoke a joint either; that ain’t good.


Consume a shitload of fatty red meat (or pork belly),


Stop drinking alcohol or smoking weed.


Stop drinking caffeine or coffee or any sort of meth-related upper product after you break your fast [in praise of having one huge meal, one huge dinner every single day].

Physiology 101