Why I Don’t Trust “Nice Guys”

My theory and heuristic:

When people come off too much as a “nice guy” on the outside, they’re probably the MOST to be suspicious of. For example people like Bill Gates, Mark Z, and Warren Buffett).

For example, Warren Buffett is hugely invested in McDonalds and Coca-Cola, which has probably caused more cardiac and Type 2/Type 3 (Alzheimer’s) in America and beyond. Warren seems like such a nice guy though… but when we trust nice guys, they do the most damage.

Who to trust and who not to trust?

The interesting irony:

People who are publicly assholes are more to be trusted than people who are closet assholes (assholes behind the scenes).

For example, Obama seemed like a perfect president, but what really exists about him that we don’t (yet) know? I find it hugely problematic that he has made so much money after his presidency (even doing paid talks for these huge banks).

More trust in Trump (who is publicly ‘crazy’) than other politicians who are closet-evil.

Why I respect Kanye West

The man speaks his mind! ‘Right’ or ‘wrong’. A man with true balls and courage. Same goes with Nassim Taleb.

It just takes one bad incident to transform a ‘nice guy’ into an evil person

Ask yourself:

What hidden secrets of all these ‘nice guys’ do we not know?

What porn does Mark Z watch? Does he? Doesn’t he? Has Bill Gates ever used PornHub? Kanye admits he does.

Never trust a man who doesn’t reveal very private things about their personal life.



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