Good Food, Bad Food

A riff from Gary Taubes’ book: “Good Calories, Bad Calories”. This is my general philosophy and thoughts on food, nutrition, human physiology, and why Coca-Cola is evil (and even our best friend Warren Buffett cannot be trusted).

Sugar is insanely profitable

Sugar — probably the worst modern evil. Coca-Cola is a peddler of sugar. Coca-Cola might be directly or indirectly blamed for Type 2 Diabetes all around the world (Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle thing, which can actually be reversed). Also there seems to be a spurious link between Alzheimer’s, sugar, metabolic syndrome-disease (Type 3 Diabetes is Alzheimer’s).

Meat is not the culprit; sugar is.

Humans have been eating meat for a trillion years; sugar is a recent oddity. Let us ask an Ancient Greek hero:

Would you rather eat a Lara bar, or consume an ox?

Physiology and food and ‘bad for the planet’ must be separated

If we truly want to be more critical and rigorous like scientists, we must put ethics and morality aside. No talks about food which involve ‘animal rights’ and distractions about ‘what is good/bad for the planet‘.

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My definition of good food

To me, good food promotes physiological vigor, muscular growth, and doesn’t contribute to Type 2 Diabetes, or Type 3 Diabetes. Good food doesn’t lead to metabolic syndrome (as sugar, simple carbs, alcohol does).

My definition of bad food

Bad food is bad for physiological vigor and also leads to metabolic syndrome, and other insulin-metabolic related diseases. For example:

  1. Type 2 Diabetes (this is not inherited; this is a metabolic disease mostly caused by sugar consumption)
  2. Type 3 Diabetes (essentially a more advanced form of Type 2 Diabetes which fucks up your brain– as the metabolic-brain-hormonal pathways get disrupted).

The philosophy of food and nutrition