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I Only Eat Industrial Food

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know that “non-GMO” and organic food is “better” for us. But I’m more pragmatic and practical. I just eat industrial food, and frankly speaking, I feel fine, and have been able to increase my meat intake, increase my muscular mass, lower my body fat, *AND* save money!

Yeah it’s probably bad for the planet


Who knows — maybe I’m a psychopath. I’m also a Boy Scouts Eagle Scout. I don’t really care that much for the planet. I’m always a bit suspicious of people who care “too much” about the environment or telling others that x, y, z is bad for the planet, yet they still shop at Whole Foods, have Amazon prime, buy Apple products, etc. Everything we do is bad for the planet. To thrive on planet earth is to take advantage of the planet. But I suppose I’m a bit more optimistic — I don’t believe in “Earth Death” as a lot of other Silicon Valley folks do.


A class issue?

Frankly speaking poor people (non rich people) cannot afford to buy all organic, non-GMO, grass fed, pasture raised foods and meats. We just buy what we can. And people in the meddling middle-class feel uber-guilty for NOT buying “organic” and non-GMO foods and such. They feel obligated to only consume uber-“natural” foods and such. But as a consequence, everyone is turning into emaciated vegetarians and vegans.


Just buy what is cheap

In Praise of Crock Pot Cooking

Just buy what is cheapest. The cheapest cuts of meat. For bitter greens, buy frozen kale in a bag, or collard greens. Frozen and canned foods are fine. I am convinced that 99.9999% of the health “science” is just fear marketing (the ultimate and most effective form of marketing out there).

How I Break My Fast
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