How I Break My Fast

My one (huge) meal a day philosophy —

This is how I break my fast:

The key to become more productive in life

I am convinced — the best way to become more productive in life is through intermittent fasting, or just don’t eat food during the day (if the sun is out, don’t eat food). Drink lots of black coffee (light roast), water, and green tea/matcha, whatever.

As late as possible (ALAP)

I strive to break my fast as late as possible. Ideally Ramadan-style; after the sun has set. When I have strong mental and bodily fortitude, I can break my fast at around 8pm-ish. This means no breakfast and lunch, and no food enters my stomach until around 8pm.

  • 7:50pm break fast
  • all my food break fast


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