eyes. Mexico City

How to Be More Creatively Productive

You already have it in your power to be more creatively productive. Some practical thoughts:

1. Shoot more photos

At this point, I don’t care whether I make ‘good’ or ‘bad’ photos. At this point I just want to make photos I enjoy.

Thus perhaps you can divide the type of photos you shoot into:

  1. Photos you enjoy shooting (and looking at)
  2. Photos you don’t enjoy shooting (and don’t enjoy looking at).

This means don’t trap yourself into any photo-genre. Be photo-genre agnostic (shoot anything and everything).

This is why I think just shooting a lot is important:

The more you shoot, the more you evolve as a photographer.

Consider– shooting photos is like eating food. If you went a month without eating food, certainly you would die. If you go a month without shooting photos, wouldn’t you die creatively?

eyes. Mexico City
Mexico City, 2019

Thus for now, just focus on shooting a lot, and enjoy your personal and creative evolution as a photographer and visual artist. Experiment with different camera equipment, different post-processing styles, different compositions, and don’t stay consistent (consistency is for suckers).

2. Share everything

Mexico City, 2019 #lumixg9
Mexico City, 2019 #lumixg9

At this point, I think just focusing on creative productivity is more important than curation. Create a lot more, and curate when you make a photo book or something else.

If you feel stuck, just allow yourself to upload and share anything and everything. Constantly upload new videos to youtube (vlogs, or videos of you having new experiences), upload new photos (to your own blog), and realize that perfection isn’t what we are seeking (for now). For now we are just focusing on creative productivity.

For now, produce a lot, and share a lot!

3. One-take

Don’t be a perfectionist. When shooting videos or anything, just do it in one take, and share it on YouTube or something else.

For myself, I like things which are raw, uncut, and more direct/honest/candid. I don’t like fancy productions; perhaps this is why I make a good vlogger/blogger.

So when you’re shooting videos, writing blog posts, or anything — my practical tip:

Don’t edit. Just shoot it, then upload it.

This can be a fun experiment; the non-editing process to be more productive.


Eggs Mexico City
My favorite egg snacks. Mexico City, 2019 #lumixg9

As I get more experienced, this is how I have changed:

  1. I take myself less seriously: I focus on having more fun, and approaching creativity from a child-like perspective. Anti-fancy processing, anti-fancy editing, anti-fancy everything. Keep it simple, true, direct, honest, candid, and fun — and you certainly will be more productive.
  2. In general, I believe the more productive you are (creating a lot of creative work and sharing much), the more likely you are to succeed (however you define ‘success’).
  3. Insouciance‘ is a concept I like (it means ‘casual lack of concern’). To be too concerned about anything lacks honesty, and is ignoble (not noble). Live life with more casual indifference (‘sprezzatura‘ — an Italian way of living), and I think you will be happier, more productive, less stressed, more joyful, and you will thrive more as a photographer/visual artist.