Selfie in Shibuya Bape store, reflection. Tokyo 2018

How to Success

A revolutionary new idea of success:

Success as a process

Selfie in Shibuya Bape store, reflection. Tokyo 2018

Success in life is performing actions which advance toward your life goals. Thus, let us treat success in life as a constant process and practice:

A new perspective and definition of success

In modern society we want to become “successful”— but what does this really mean?

First question:

Is success a final destination/state, or is success a “process”?

What I mean to say is this:

Are you “successful” once you’ve bought a house, have 2.2 kids, own a fancy car, have a million dollars of cash in the bank, and do your passion for a living?

Or, should we treat success as a process— seeking to “success” (verb) every moment of the day?

Success as a verb

I propose we think of success as a verb, not as a final state.

For example, I like the idea of us “successing” when we are doing meaningful work. We also “success” when we at hustling hard, and creating things that are epic.

For now, let us define “success” when we are advancing towards our life goals.

Success at the gym

For example, let me talk about weight lifting.

To me, I “success” every time I simply enter the gym. Why? Going to the gym is the key ingredient to practicing your lifts. And the more you practice, the stronger you will get.

Also, I “success” whenever I attempt a new maximum PR attempt. For example if I deadlifted 435 pounds last week (one rep) and I attempt a 440 pound deadlift, I “success” towards my ultimate goal of deadlifting 500 pounds. It doesn’t even matter whether I am able to lift the weight off the ground or not, the gauge of success is whether I am advancing towards my goal.

Thus, by pursuing your goals in life is “succeeding”!

In other words,

Whenever you act towards your goals, you are succeeding.

Succeeding as a process

To succeed more during your day, ask yourself throughout the day:

“Am I performing actions which are headed towards achieving my life goals?”

Succeed on!