Why Do We Desire Perpetual Productivity?

On the cult of productivity:

Why is it that we demand perpetual productivity from ourselves? We try to optimize our sleep. Why? To be more rested in order to be more productive for the next day.

We love coffee and caffeine. Why? Makes us more productive.

Why has productivity turned into our new religion?

Money has always been seen as a virtue

Money is good, no doubt about it. Money as wealth and resources whether in gold, silver or cattle. Considering we are also hungry for more (our human nature to desire more), it seems natural that we want more money, more resources, and more power. And generally this drive is good. Without this drive, I wouldn’t believe in the grandeur of the human spirit.

But where do we go wrong? When we want money for money’s sake. I can only eat so much steak before I get full. I can only buy so many Leica cameras and Lamborghinis. I cannot shoot with more than one camera at a time. Even if I had a mansion with 1,000 bedrooms, you can only sleep in one bed at a time.

Productivity as a means for more money

I don’t think we want to be productive for the sake of being productive. We want to be MORE productive in order to gain more money.

John Wick didn’t assassinate for fun; he did it for the dinero.

But once you become a trillionaire, then what? Become a photographer and travel the world endlessly? To keep garnering more fame, accolades and and great images? What’s really your ultimate goal?

Saigon, 2018
Saigon, 2018

What’s your ultimate aim? Start there then work backwards!