Offline Productivity

When in doubt, disconnect.

What if by spending more time offline, you could actually become MORE productive?

Airplane mode lifestyle

Live more in airplane mode.

This is my takeaway after 2-3 years of not owning a phone:

Phones are the ultimate productivity tool, but it seems to have constant internet connectivity is a “net negative”.

Which means:

Treat your phone like a mini-tablet. Ideally you would own a phone without a data/phone plan, and you only used it with WiFi.

For example, I got an old iPhone 6S plus from my friend (cracked screen, broken home button, and dead battery). I brought it to Vietnam, and got all the parts fixed for only $100. Now it’s like I got a brand new iPad mini mini. I am using it a lot to read books (iBooks), to write (iA writer — what I’m using to write this), and even shooting photos with the “Calla” film simulation app (tons of fun). Also when I have WiFi, I can blog from the phone.


  1. Use the “Freedom” Mac app to disconnect your WiFi access on your laptop to be more productive.
  2. Regularly switch your phone to airplane mode if you’re not using it.
  3. Charge your phone in a separate bedroom at night (don’t sleep with your phone in your bedroom).

Or when in doubt,