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The Origin of Productivity

Theory — the origin of productivity is from the body, muscles, and the desire to manifest, express, gather, share, and produce more (bodily) power.

Where does our energy come from?

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The origin of our energy is from our bodies. Very simply put, the more we sleep and recover, the more energy we got. I’m most vivacious when I’ve slept 10-12 hours in a night.

The body over the mind


The mind isn’t real, the body is. The mind is simply a reflection of our body— our bodily health and our bodily strength.

Mind over matter?

Obviously our mind cannot literally move things. Our bodies, hands, and legs can move things. We cannot telekinesis.

Thus when we talk about “mind over matter”— what we are really trying to say is:

Don’t let fear enter your mind. Unlock fear from your mind in order to unlock the fullest potential of your body.

Artistic creation as very physical.

This is what I’ve noticed — to create things requires insane amounts of physical strength and fortitude. Thus to maximize our creative productivity, perhaps we should be training our physical bodies to the maximum.

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Askesis (the root of this notion of “asceticism”) is actually the Ancient Greek word for “training”. To practice, exercise, and train (askeo).


Why I love the notion of training? Training is insanely motivational — it means:

You can become stronger and improve in any domain in life, as long as you keep training hard!

The power is in my legs!

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To become more productive, perhaps we need stronger legs. This means more training for “one rep max” squats and deadlifts. Considering that standing computing is more productive than sitting computing, it seems the more we stand, move, squat, dance, frolic, and walk, the better!

The insatiable desire to create more, produce more, affect more.

What do we desire? We desire to produce more, create more, and affect more of others and the outside world!

Our desire to expand beyond ourselves

Another thing — perhaps our human drive is the desire to extend beyond ourselves. We aren’t satisfied with just ourselves and our own body — we want to either replicate ourselves (our desire to have children), or we desire followers to continue to spread our ideas, morals, ethics, and artwork.

The desire for world domination?

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Is this what drives us — the desire to become master over all the earth, and all of humanity? Then going behind our planet — becoming master of the galaxy, or universe?

More thoughts to come.