Meaningful Productivity

The goal isn’t to be productive for the sake of being productive. The goal is to become MORE PRODUCTIVE on things which you really care about!

A question:

Is productivity in photography, art, and life overrated or underrated?

I think underrated.

Productivity ain’t everything

So this is the tricky thing:

Productivity certainly is good and will bring us joy, but it ain’t everything.

For example you can feel "productive" by shooting a lot of photos everyday, but if the photos aren’t bringing you joy, what’s the point?

Meaningful productivity

Thus my idea is this:

Don’t focus on productivity for the sake of productivity. Instead, the goal is to be productive in domains which are important to you.

For example, to me answering all your emails and getting to inbox zero isn’t "meaningful productivity" to me. To me, meaningful productivity is:

  1. Making blog posts which are meaningful to me
  2. Shooting photos which are meaningful to me
  3. Making videos or sharing ideas which I find meaningful.

Productivity for the sake of productivity is for suckers.

Discover what is personally meaningful to you

So it seems the solution is to determine and proclaim what is meaningful to you, and focus on producing more things which are related to that. This is different for everyone; you must discover this truth for yourself.