2017 in Hanoi: Around 155 pounds, lower body fat percentage.

The Physical Strength Required for Creative Productivity

On creative muscularity:


Why does drinking a cup of coffee assist us in creating artistic art-works?

Simple: the coffee acts as a stimulus which puts motion into our muscles!

Consider– you cannot create art-works without bodily force, and muscular force. You cannot make art without your body.

For example, as a writer you must move your hand (movement). Or when you type, you must move your fingers.

Tommy trojan sword

Photography is one of the most physically-demanding art-creation forms. Why? You gotta walk long distances! You must squat. You must run after certain photo-opportunities. You also need the courage to photograph strangers (street photography)– sometimes having the courage to ask for permission, and sometimes having the courage to shoot without permission (candid photography).

Thus the thought:

If we want to become more creatively productive artists, we must make our bodies stronger (more muscular strength, better metabolism, lower body-fat percentage).