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The Best Phone is No Phone

We are all obsessed about getting the best new iPhone or whatever phone. But what if the best phone were no phone?

My ultimate life hack

My ultimate life has been:

Getting rid of my phone.

To NOT own a phone and to NOT use a phone — this is the apex.

Put away the foil hat, and no — 5G won’t zap your balls

The problem with phones:

It re-wires your hormonal and brain signaling processes, which causes you to constantly check this slot-machine dopamine machine.

The phone as a fear-mitigation machine

Why do we check our phones so much?

FOMO, fear of missing out.

Or … the hope of getting some new opportunities (via your Gmail inbox).

Or … the fear that something bad might have happened to your family members.

Or … the feeling of ‘responsibility’ to always be able to be contactable.

The phone as a chain-and-ball

Mental Hygiene

The problem with the rationale of a phone:

People feel as if they have a RIGHT to always contact you.

So in some ways, the phone becomes a sort of chain-and-ball. We are the new slaves.

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