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Anti-Meat Consumption as an Environmental, Ethical, and Moral Issue // Not a Health Issue

My thought:

It is totally fine that we are anti-meat from a moral, ethical, or an environmental perspective.

However … if we are hard, scientific and empirical … we should NOT assert “definitively” that high consumption of red meats is “bad” for oneself.

My thoughts:

My suspicion

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Ok. Let us say you are having a debate with a vegetarian or vegan or whatever. Typically the conversation goes something like:

Eating meat is bad! Animals aren’t products! Don’t you know eating meat is bad for the planet? AND it is cruel. AND it is bad. AND it is evil!!!

A life tip I learned from Nassim Taleb:

Whenever people have to invoke more than one reason to invoke/defend their view or perspective, their argument is weak.

One good reason is all you need for a strong argument. More reasons don’t make your argument stronger. In fact, having MORE REASONS or MORE DATA is often a sign of a weak argument or idea. This is why even if you got a quadrillion “big data” type of statistics, it cannot “prove” your perspective.

For example, let us say I have a trillion data points that only white swans have been spotted for 5 million years. But this argument is weak, because all you need is one outlier or ‘black swan‘ to totally dismantle the argument (Karl Popper’s notion of ‘falsification‘).

The Philosophy of Falsification

Back to talking about meat

Okay, so first question:

Is there an empirical way or truly scientific way we can even classify “red” meat?

For example in South America, they do not call chicken meat. They just call it chicken. And certainly nobody would call fish meat. I think when we talk about ‘red meat’ we mean to say bovine (cow) meat. And another tricky point:

Is pork ‘red’ meat?


Is goat, lamb, etc ‘red’ meat?

What is ‘red’ meat anyways?

You can be Uber-basic and think that red meat is meat which is colored red. Or the more nuanced view; think about creatine is actually from Ancient Greek (‘kreas‘) which means flesh-meat, carcass. And even further it comes from proto-indo-european ‘krewhs‘ which means blood.

So is red meat anything that has a carcass, which flows red blood?

Is there currently a vegan conspiracy in the world?

Do you got people together in a room (conspiracy means con+spire, which means ‘together breathing’) plotting some sort of plan to make the world vegan, or more vegan, or more vegetarian, or less meat-consumption? Of course! It ain’t like no illuminati or weird thing like that; you got people on the public health policy (Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, etc) who are promoting veganism, or vegetarianism, or a ‘plant based diet’ (Michael Pollan) or Arnold S promoting more veggie diets (which is very suspicious, given that he has times to James Cameron who produced a vegan-promoting film, which he bankrolled, and apparently James Cameron also owns a vegan-protein powder company 🤔🤔🤔).

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