Question —

When it comes to making certain life decisions, ask yourself– ‘Will this make me stronger, or will it not effect it at all?’

The reason this is important is that it hugely affects our decisionmaking processes.

For example, buying a stronger car will not actually make us stronger. However, buying grass fed beef and consuming it will make us stronger. Same goes with spending the extra bucks on pasture raised eggs, it is more nutrient dense. I have realized that the more orange the yolks, the better. And the only yolks which are really orange is pasture raised eggs. The really cheap industrial eggs essentially have no taste, no color in the yolk, and therefore has very little nutrition.

Things that give you strength, versus things that sap away your strength?

Be very careful. There are certain things which we do which saps away our strength, for example drinking alcohol, or smoking weed. I do not think that these intoxicants are bad in itself, but simply from a physiological perspective, they give us less energy. They weaken us.

Would you rub one out before attempting a one rep max deadlift ?

A simple physiological thought: would you rub one out before attempting a one rep max deadlift? I think not. You want to conserve your sexual energy for greater things.

For example, maybe it is a good idea to channel your sexual energy into working out, or also into your artistic creativity. What is chastity? Not abstaining from sex, just not wasting your sexual energy on empty things.

Even jerking off is not bad in itself, it is only bad if it weakens or pacifies you. If you want to rub one out before going to sleep, that is one thing, but rubbing one out first thing in the morning seems to be a very bad idea.

Also, another thought: maybe the reason why a lot of modern men are so unmotivated is because they watch porn and always rub one out every single day. If your goal is actually to pursue women, isn’t the pent-up sexual energy the necessary motivator? Or in other words, maybe instead of watching porn and rubbing one out, better to just go to the local club, bar, or gym.

Another funny thought: if you watch porn but don’t masturbate, is it still porn? Maybe not, then maybe it is just erotica, or erotic motivational material.

What do men want?

From a biological perspective, the most logical one is to inseminate and impregnate a woman, in order to have stout and strong children. A beautiful and tall woman is a shortcut to finding a woman with strong genetic fitness.

And from biological perspective, what does a woman want? To find a strong man in order to help her raise her children.

However, in modern times, producing offspring is not the primary goal. Modern society wants individualism, individual freedom, wealth and riches, material comforts, and fashion.

It also seems that many modern men have little or no interest in having kids, instead they desire sexual pleasure, wealth and riches and influence, and a nomadic wanderlust lifestyle. I think the ideal lifestyle for a lot of modern men is to just always have casual sex with beautiful women, to be able to travel freely, and have all the money in the world to back up this lifestyle.

Back to strength

The more philosophical I become, the more I become rooted in the practical, the physiological, and the embodied.

Therefore our first goal is to strengthen ourselves physiologically. Then the next goal is to channel that physiological energy and power into creating artwork. And then the last component is having the courage to share and publish our artworks with others.