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How to Gain More Physiological Energy and Power

Not more ‘happiness’ or even more ‘joy’ in life … more physiological energy, power, and force!



Leave your house.

I don’t believe anything truly great or epic has been achieved by mankind when we were just sitting idly at home. So first, the thought:

Don’t seek ‘motivation’ to leave your home. Just leave the house, take your phone or camera or idea capturing device, and while you’re walking you will discover inspiration and motivation!

Sunlight and the physical elements

  • selfie light ERIC KIM

There is no such thing as bad weather … only bad clothes. Bundle up and armor up with your clothes, then go on a walk.

Deep sleep

The Purpose is to Create

The harder you work, the harder you must sleep. In fact, I believe it takes more skill to sleep early or get into bed early, than to wake up early.

Simple idea:

After dinner (eat a ton of meat), take a hot bath and finish with a cold shower, then jump into bed.


After dinner, take a very cold shower, then jump into your (warm) bed. Then read in bed until you fall asleep.

And wake up without the agency of an alarm clock.

Be outdoors as much as humanly possible

All Photography is Creative!

We humans aren’t designed to stay indoors at home all day. Thus strive to spend as much time outdoors (or in public spaces) as possible for more physiological energy and power!

Physiology 101

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