Practical Tips which Make me Stronger

List of stuff which works for me and might work for you:

  1. For strength, ketogenic diet. Eat 80% meats (pork, chicken, lamb, beef, eggs) and bitter herbs (avoid carbohydrates). No alcohol, no drugs.
  2. Intermittent fasting: Skip breakfast and lunch. Fast until dinner time. A way to improve your strength, and the ability for you to withstand and overcome some pain.
  3. Cold showers: Invigorating in the morning and relaxing at night.
  4. Massage: Getting an intense hour massage (cheap Chinese places) as one of the best ways to reinvigorate you. Probably the best bang for the buck in terms of boosting my mood and strength.
  5. Extreme sleep: In an insane world where we somehow valorize lack of sleep (modern virtue means seeing who can do more and sleep the least) I go opposite: I haven’t used an alarm clock for almost 8 years (unless I need to wake up for early flights). I regularly sleep 9, 10, 12 hours a night. And the biggest thing: I delight in my laziness and ability to sleep so much, and feel 0 ounces of guilt for “sleeping too much”.
  6. Powerlifting: Deadlift, squat, heavy dumbell presses. I would actually say that lifting weights is more essential for my mental well-being than even photography and art. My philosophy: put more faith and priority in the body than the mind. Physical culture is supreme to mental culture (of course optimally you want to be both physically massive AND be mentally supreme).
  7. No emotional or hormone shifts from social media: Since deleting my Instagram and not using social media anymore I have much more of steady, zen, stoic calm throughout the day. When I used to use social media I would always get small anxiety or panic attacks before checking my social media accounts. And that’s my theory; I think these things are wired to fuck with your emotions and anxieties, that’s why they’re so addictive and bad for us. I can positively say that you can safely delete (or stop using) all your social media accounts with no “net negative”. If you prioritize yourself and your wellbeing and respected yourself you should stop using social media and build up your own website and blog instead.
  8. Don’t consume any news, media, magazines with advertising in it. Get rid of the poison from your mind. Stick to the classics: Homer, Virgil, Horace. For philosophers Nietzsche, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Nassim Taleb.
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