Why I am invested in Chainlink:

I randomly heard about Chainlink when I was at the gym. I met this guy named Abe Eid who told me about it. when I read the white paper and thought about the concept, I thought it was brilliant. Essentially the gist of a smart contract or an Oracle is this: you are bridging on-chain things to off-chain things, and in someways a smart contract is like the digital version of a societal contract. Even the political philosopher Rousseau talks about this in his social contract book.

I like the idea of links

Anything you put your money in, is a vow of your personal belief system. Truth be told, now that I feel like I’m not that interested in money or currency, I’m more interested in technological speculation. I love the idea of links, because as a blogger, I create value by linking together ideas and concepts. And any technology that can link, is good.


“I’m here to break the chain. I’m the true and living, the rest of you n*ggas is vain”-JAY Z

In another song, JAY Z says that generational wealth is the key. What is generational wealth? It is a chain of ancestors passing on their wealth to one another. And the point is to not break the chain, but to expand it and grow it.Lu

There is a joke in Jewish tradition that says the first generation is the one to create the wealth, the second generation is the one that maintains the world, and then the third generation (kids who go to art school) is the one that loses the wealth.

I started with nothing, and now I have much. Now the thought is for me not to squander my wealth, and to build that chain to pass on to baby Seneca, for him to create and imagine even greater things.

 All speculation is speculation 

Not knowing what the future holds is more interesting than knowing how to predict the future. Even Nietzsche says that philosophy is the joy of speculation and knowledge.

And at this point, I’m not even interested in if whether I’m right or wrong. Rather, there’s a certain aesthetic joy of having skin in the game, and in investing in future technologies I find personally interesting to me.

Link things together

Now my personal call to action is this: Link things together, and never stop linking. Continue to link things together, make things greater and more epic than before.



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